Free Magazine “#tag magazine” Tachikawa Art Walk VOL.2 was Published

TOPICS 2022.03.07

Pick up Tachikawa’s fascinating people, things, and things like sticking a sticky note. Tachikawa Art Walk VOL.2 is a separate volume of the free magazine “# Tag magazine” that supports Tachikawa, a town that makes you want to visit.
This is a book where you can enjoy the art of Tachikawa with a focus on Faret Tachikawa Art.
When you go out, please enjoy the art walk with this magazine in hand.

【Distribution Location】

  • Tamashin RISURU Hall (Tachikawa City Civic Center)
  • Tachikawa City Hall
  • Women’s Center Im
  • Tamashin Museum
  • PLAY! MUSEUM Others

*If you are in charge of facilities or stores that you can distribute, please contact the following office.

You can view the PDF version here.

Contact Us:
Office of the Faret Tachikawa Art Management Committee (Tachikawa Regional Culture Division)
042-523-2111 Extension 4501 (Weekdays 9 o’clock to 17 o’clock)