The world famous public art “Faret Tachikawa Art” is an precious cultural property of Tachikawa City.

In Tachikawa city, “Faret Tachikawa Art Appreciation Class” have been held for every 5th grade students (partly 6th grade students) at all 19 public elementary schools every year since 2008.

“Faret Tachikwa Art Appreciation Class” aims to enrich the creativity and sensitivity of children who are responsible for the next generation, and to cultivate a heart that loves art.

In this class, children are guided by members of the citizen volunteer group “Faret Club” and appreciate approximately 40 artworks.

Through familiarizing with the artworks, children are able to get the creative hints of exhibitions held at their schools, and they visit “Faret Tachikawa” to guide their family members. The effect and influence of this class are spreading widely.