Let’s enjoy “Faret Tachikawa Art” with guided tours!

“Faret Tachikwa Art” is the name of 109 public artworks by 92 artists from 36 countries.

“Faret Tachikawa Art” has no caption because of the concept, “The Town of Wonder & Discovery”.

Members of a citizen volunteer group, “Faret Club”, familiar with “Faret Tachikawa Art” guide you through a variety of “Art Tour” and introduce very attractive “Faret Tachikawa Art”.

【Booking Art Tour】

◆Fill out the contact form shown on the page of “Faret Club” website.

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◆Please FAX your request to the office of Faret Tachikawa Art Management Committee.


【A Variety of Art Tours】

●A Variety of Art Tours

On October 13 each year, the opening memorial day of “Faret Tachikawa”
Seeing all 109 artworks of “Faret Tachikawa Art”.


●Night Tour / Evening Tour

Summer season only (irregularly)
Seeing lighting up artworks mainly at night/evening.


●Special Tour on the Summer Solstice

On the summer solstice each year
Seeing selected artworks mainly including the artwork which has special


●Faret Tachikawa Art Museum Day Tour

The event program of “Faret Tachikawa Art Museum Day” in March & October each year.
Seeing artworks selected by members of “Faret Club”.

●Special Arranged Tour

We can arrange tour at your request.
Even only 1 participant would be welcomed.
Please feel free to contact us.

【About the Citizen Volunteer Group “Faret Club” 】

“Art Tour” includes organized tour by “Faret Club” and requested tours by Tachikawa city, schools, companies, many kinds of groups. The number of people who join the tour is increasing year by year. “Faret Club” holds more than 100 tours and guides more 2,500 people for a year now. “Faret Club” continues to spread the appeals of “Faret Tachikawa Art” to many people visiting “Faret Tachikawa”.


And “Faret Club” organize “Faret Pika-Pika Art Program”, which is “Art Cleaning” & “Lecture & Workshop” by the artists of “Faret Tachikawa Art”, in March & September each year. Participants and the member of “Faret Club” do the cleaning of artworks with fun together, and take lectures from the artist of “Faret Tachikawa Art”, then enjoy creative activities. “Faret Club” provide opportunities to feel “Faret Tachikawa Art” through the program.


The activities of “Faret Club” are very important & necessary so that we can keep “Faret Tachikawa Art”, which past more 20 years since it was established in 1994, from now on.

●”Faret Club” official website