About Tadashi Kawamata’s Works (Warehouse) Graffiti

TOPICS 2017.02.14

There have been incidents of continuous graffiti on Faret Tachikawa art works.The damage was in the art No. 65 Kawamata’s work (warehouse) and the graffiti was discovered immediately after the first graffiti was erased and repainted, so we submitted a report of damage to the police.

Faret Tachikawa Art has functions such as warehouses, benches and signs.In addition, We did not attach a description board in order to feel the art directly and have the intention of searching and enjoying them.It may not be possible for anyone to see at any time and continue to enjoy arts in a familiar manner if this is the case. This is very disappointing.
Faret Tachikawa Art is a valuable cultural property.We hope for your understanding and cooperation in the preservation of your work so that you can enjoy the art walk from now on.