The 3rd Faret Tachikawa Art Photography Contest Call for Works!

TOPICS 2017.03.16


The 109 outdoor art “Faret Tachikawa Art” dotted around the Tama Monorail Tachikawakita Station is a collection of photographs taken including this art. The grand prize is a prize of 50,000 yen. We are waiting for your application!

Application Requirements

Contents of the entry work

A work taken with Faret Tachikawa Art. Anyone can apply.

Application form

1.Print on silver halide photographic paper with color print quarters (including wide quarters and service quarters)
2.The phots have to be taken by the applicant.the works need to be photographed after April, 2016. less than 3 works per person (not for composited photo or digital image processing.Unpublished works only)

Attention on application

1.If the subject is a person, be sure to obtain the consent of the person. In addition, if the subject is a minor, the parental authority’s consent is required.
2.In the event of an act that infringes the copyright or portrait right of another person, the applicant shall deal with any trouble relating to it. The organizer can not take any responsibility.
3.The copyright of the entry belongs to the photographer, but the organizer can freely use the entry for the exhibition, printed matter, website, goods production, etc. as public relations activities.
4.The works will not be returned.
5.Personal information of the application form will be used as necessary for the operation of this project. In addition, the name of the photographer and the place of residence (the name of the municipality) may be specified for works used for work exhibitions, prize announcements, printed matter, etc.
6.We will not accept any objection to the exhibited works or a result of the examination.
7.Judging digital photographs and analog photographs without distinction.
8.Among the submitted works, those that fall under any of the following or judged to be at risk may be excluded from the examination.
・Those judged not to be in line with the application requirements
・Those judged against public order and morals
・Those judged to infringe property or privacy, or those containing abuse or slander
・Those intended for profit, those related to politics, religion, etc. are displayed

Application method

1.こちらPlease print out the
application requirements here and stick the entry form on the back of the works. Applicants can bring them to the following address or post them at the applicant’s expense.
2.In the case of multiple applications, please fill in all the items for each work.
3.Photos that do not have an application form, photos that are over sized or pasted on a over sized mount will not be examined
4.Be sure photos must be printed on silver halide photographic paper. It is not possible to apply with movie or data.

Application deadline

Must arrive on June 30, 2017 (Wed) ※ If you bring in your works with yourself, they need to be here until 17:00

Examination and presentation

1.The voters from general public and the examiners elected from the organizer will judge the works.
2.The results of the screening will be notified directly to the winners in late July.
3.Please send the original version (image data etc) as soon as the final notice arrives. If it does not arrive by the deadline, it will be canceled.
5.We will display and set a place to vote for popular works at the Tachikawa City Hall from August 8 (Tue) to 13 (Sun) and at the Women’s General Center AIM from August 1 (Tue) to 6 (Sun) on the entry works
6.After confirming the original version (image data etc.) of the winning works and making a final decision on each award, we will announce on the homepage of the city, the administrative committee, etc.
7.Using prize-winning works, We will produce original goods such as next year’s calendar.


Grand Prize (Certificate of Award and Prize money ¥ 50,000) 1 person
Mayor’s Prize (Certificate of award and Prize) 1 person
Citizen’s award (certificate of awards and prize) some names
Fine works (certificate of awards and prize) some names

Application and Contact

3-20, Kashiwacho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 2nd floor of the Tamashin RISURU Hall
Faret Tachikawa Art Regeneration Executive Committee (Tachikawa City Regional Culture Division)
To “Faret Tachikawa Art Photography Contest”
TEL:042-523-2111(Inner line 4501)