【Fare Tachikawa Art Museum Day】 A bud from a huge flowerpot!

TOPICS 2017.10.13

For this event, installation of 7m windmill art work by Farre author Tatsuji Ushijima has been completed! When viewed from above the Pedestrian deck in the block, the tip of the windmill is Futaba’s design, and it looks as if it sprouted from a huge flowerpot like an image.

The work is equipped with a fixed-point observation camera, and the video of the sky is distributed as needed by solar power generation. Please see the delivery from ustream below.

Also, this weekend there will be a select tour by the art market, workshops, open cafes and fare clubs. Please enjoy the fall of art at Farle Tachikawa.

“Fare Tachikawa Art Museum Day 2017 Fall” October 10 (Tue)-15 (Sun), 2017
[Venue] Tachikawa Takashimaya north side and Sansan Road, Aim Gallery

* There are also fun workshops by Mr. Tatsuharu Ushijima on weekends.
(reference image)

* Aim Gallery Tatsuji Ushijima Exhibition:~ October 15 (Sun)
* Outdoor Art Installation for Windmill Works: ~ October 23 (Mon)

Ime Gallery is holding an exhibition of Tatsuji Ushijima. We display past workshop images, drawings and molds of works by Farre Tachikawa. The three-seater bike work is a test drive experience at the weekend workshop.

An event flag has been newly established in Fare District. Six different colors of the logo are arranged alternately.