Faret Tachikawa Art Museum Day 2019 Autumn

EVENT 2019.09.19

“Faret Tachikawa” is a public art town that Tachikawa is proud of. In order to celebrate the city’s birthday on October 13 and to make Faret Tachikawa even more enjoyable, we will be holding an event, “Faret Tachikawa Art Museum Day”, which looks like a city block as an art museum.
In addition to the permanent exhibition of 109 pieces of public art by 92 artists from 36 countries around the world, a special exhibition entitled “Faret Tachikawa’s past and future” is held. We will exhibit works by participating artists of Pale Tachikawa Art, contemporary artists with connections to Tachikawa, and students’ works of Pale Tachikawa Art from Musashino Art University. On Saturdays and Sundays, there are fun events such as talk events “Faret Tachikawa Art School”, workshops, art markets, open cafes, and guided art tours. Enjoy autumn in the Faret Tachikawa.

■Planned exhibition “Pale Tachikawa Art’s past and future”

・The Works of Faret Tachikawa Art Writers
We focus on the work of artists who have participated in the Faret Tachikawa Art Project, including Oiwa Oscar Yukio, Kawamata Tadashi, Hakamada Kyotaro and Jose de Guimaranis.

・Nakasato Erosu Exhibition & Workshop
We will hold an exhibition and workshop of “Chample machine” by Nakazato Erozu, an artist living in Tachikawa City, who was a topic of conversation at Setouchi International Art Festival 2019.

・Suggestions from students at Musashino Art University
Students of the Musashino Art University’s Department of Art and Culture exhibit the results of their classes on the theme of “Faret Tachikawa Art and the Media of the Region”.

Date:Tuesday, October 8 to 14th (Mon) Opening hours of each facility
Place:Women’s Center Aim, Faret Tachikawa Tokyo Tatemono Building, Tachikawa Business Center Building,
Core City Tachikawa Building, Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Tachikawa Building
<Workshop “Let’s Make Art That Makes Sound”>
Date:Saturday, October 12 (1) 11 AM~ (2) 3 PM~
Sunday, October 13 (1) 11 AM~ (2) 3 PM~
Place:Tachikawa-Takashimaya S.C. North red flower pot area * If it rains, women’s general center Aime
Capacity:5 persons each time (first-come-first-served basis)
For:elementary school students and younger

■Faret Tachikawa Art School, Volume 4

Kitagawa Kazunari, who designed the logo mark of Faret Tachikawa Art, and a wide range of experts participate in close study and exchange meetings. This year’s guest is Fulham Kitagawa, an art planner from Faret Tachikawa, who was selected as a Person of Cultural Merit in 2018.
Date: Sunday, October 13 11:30 AM to 1 PM
Place: Kotobukiya Hall (Midori-cho 4 -5 Kotobu Building 3rd floor)
Capacity: 30 (order of application)
Cost: 2,500 yen (Cafe “Tekuta” with snacks)
Apply: By Monday, October 7 [must arrive], write “Application for the Faret Tachikawa Art School”, name, phone number (fax number) and send to the Faret Tachikawa Art Management Committee Secretariat (Local Culture Section) via e-mail, fax or postcard.
[2, -3 -20 Tamashin RISURU Hall, 3 Nishiki-cho, Tachikawa, Tokyo 190 0022]
Fax 042-525-6581 Email]

art tour

On Saturday, October 12, there was a 40 minute selection tour of the main works and a planned exhibition tour of “Faret Tachikawa’s past and future”. On Sunday, October 13, Faret Tachikawa’s 25th birthday, a special 3-hour tour will be held to view all 109 works. Guided by “Faret Club” a group of volunteers who are familiar with the river. Some works are not usually shown to the public.
It will be held even if it rains. Go directly to the meeting place.
・select tour
Date: Saturday, October 12 (1) 11:20 AM ~ (2) 3:20 PM ~ (About 40 minutes.)
Meeting place: Tachikawa Takashimaya S.C.North red flowerpot area
・planned exhibition tour
Date: Saturday, October 12 2:20 PM ~ (About 40 minutes.)
Meeting place: Lobby on the 1st floor of Women’s Center AIM
・opening anniversary tour
Date: Sunday, October 13 1:30 PM ~ (About 3 hours)
Meeting place: Tachikawa Takashimaya S.C.North red flowerpot area

■”The 5th Faret Tachikawa Art Photo Contest” Exhibition and Award Ceremony

Out of 124 entries, 13 winners were selected through a popularity vote and a review by the Faret Tachikawa Art Management Committee. The prize-winning works will be exhibited and the award ceremony will be held.
Date: Tuesday, October 8 to 14th (Mon) 9 AM to 9 PM
Location: Gallery on the first floor of Women’s Center Aime
・award ceremony
Date: Saturday, October 12 1:30 PM ~
Place: Women’s Center, Aime, 1st floor Gallery

■art market

Centered around Sun Sun Road, a market for craft art and goods has opened. You can also enjoy the special food menu by a catering car.
Date: Saturday, October 12, 13th (Sun) 11 AM to 4 PM * Canceled due to rain
Location: Sansun Road, Tachikawa island S.C. near the red flowerpot

■Printing corner with smartphone

You can use a special mini photo printer to create stickers on the spot from photos of the Faret Tachikawa art taken with your smartphone.
Date and time: Saturday, October 12 and 13th (Sun) from 11 AM * As soon as the seal paper runs out, it ends.
Place: Tachikawa-Dosha north side (When it rains, the gallery on the first floor of Aime, Women’s Center.)

■Collaboration Sweets

The cake “museum art” with the motif of the art of Pale Tachikawa will be on sale for a limited time from Monday, October 7 to 14th (Mondays and holidays). This year, 4 past works are reproduced and sold at “Palace Bakery” (480 yen each excluding tax) on the 1st floor of Palace Hotel Tachikawa.

■Present for visitors

We will present the original calendar made in 2020 using the winning “The 5th Faret Tachikawa Art Photo Contest” to the first 100 customers each day. Original goods will also be given to those who download and present the application “Faret Tachikawa Art Navi” to their smartphone or tablet, and those who cooperate with the sponsorship fund for the preservation and use of Faret Tachikawa Art.
Date: Saturday, October 12, 13th (Sun) 11: 00 ~
Location: Headquarters booth (When it rains, the gallery on the first floor of Aime, Women’s Center.)

■We are looking for a donation to support Faret Tachikawa Art.

In order to preserve and utilize Faret Tachikawa art in the future, we are collecting contributions. A donation box will be placed at the Faret Tachikawa Art Museum Day headquarters booth. We will give original goods to those who support us.
*Contact us