Free Magazine “# tag magazine” was Published

TOPICS 2020.08.03

Pick up as if sticking a sticky note to attractive people, things and things in Tachikawa. We have issued a special temporary edition of the free magazine “# tag magazine (Hash Tag Magazine)” “Tachikawa Art Walk” to support Tachikawa, a town that people want to visit.
You can feel like taking a walk just by reading the books such as “Banbokkei Tachikawa” which mainly deals with the art of Faret Tachikawa and the popular GREEN SPRINGS.
Please enjoy an art walk with this magazine in your hand when you go out.

【Distribution Location】

  • Tamashin RISURU Hall (Tachikawa City Civic Center)
  • Tachikawa City Hall
  • Women’s Center Im
  • Tamashin Museum
  • PLAY! MUSEUM Others

*If you are in charge of facilities or stores that you can distribute, please contact the following office.

You can view the PDF version here.

Contact Us:
Office of the Faret Tachikawa Art Management Committee (Tachikawa Regional Culture Division)
042-523-2111 Extension 4501 (Weekdays 9 o’clock to 17 o’clock)