“Fare Tachikawa Art Navi” will be released in late October!

TOPICS 2016.10.11

Free application “Faret Tachikawa Art Navi” to guide Fare Tachikawa Art with smartphones
Scheduled to be released in late October!

In late October, we will release “Fare Tachikawa Art Navi,” a free app that introduces 109 world-famous “Fare Tachikawa Art” that Tachikawa City is proud of, including photos, audio, and videos.

App overview

・Fare Tachikawa Art Work Description (image, sound, video available)
・Equipped with a guide function that automatically displays work descriptions as you approach the work
・”MY collection” where you can collect the art you’ve seen
・Multilingual support (Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean), offline support
・Other features such as AR camera, SNS collaboration, etc.

Free application
Free application

Once the release date is confirmed, we will notify you again on this website.

October 15 (Sat) and 16 (Sun)
Museum Day
Then we will set up an application experience corner in the Tachikawa City booth, so please come by all means.