FARET Tachikawa Art 2020 calendar is on sale!

TOPICS 2019.11.25

The original calendar for 2020, which has won the 5th FARET Tachikawa Art Photography Contest, has been completed!

It is A5 paper sized desktop type, so you can use each month of the calendar as a postcard! It expresses the “deepness” and “interest” of “FARET Tachikawa Art”, which are overlooked in everyday life.

This calendar is currently on sale in the following two places. All profits are used for the preservation and utilization business of “FARET Tachikawa Art”.

Please buy it!

[Price] 500 yen (tax not included)

stores on sale
●ORION-SHOBO Norte Store (Park Avenue 3F, 2-42-1 Akebono-cho, Tachikawa City)
●Cafe Harmony♪ (Tachikawa City Hall 1F, 1156-9 Izumi-cho, Tachikawa City)

We look forward to your continued understanding and cooperation in the FARET Tachikawa Art Preservation and Utilization Project.

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