Faret Tachikawa Art Museum Day 2020 Spring

EVENT 2020.02.20

The “Faret Tachikawa” block at the north exit of Tachikawa Station, where 109 pieces of public art by 92 artists from 36 countries around the world are exhibited as an art museum, and various programs are developed. Please visit Tachikawa’s world-famous public art town “Faret Tachikawa”. Organized by the Fare Tachikawa Art Management Committee.

■Talk Event “Faret Tachikawa Art School, vol.5”

This is a special edition of a study and exchange meeting that is close to Kazunari Kitagawa who designed the logo mark of Fare Tachikawa Art and various experts. The guests this time are Tamashin, Director of the Museum of History and Art, Watabiki Koji, and GREEN SPRINGS Town Manager, Moriya Shinichiro. I would like to ask you about the art plans of GREEN SPRINGS, which is scheduled to open in April.

Date:March 20 (Fri) 11:30 ~ 13:00
Place:Kotobukiya Hall (Midori-cho 4-5 Kotobu Building 3rd floor)
Capacity:30(order of application)
Cost:2,500yen(light meal included)
Apply:By Friday, March 13 [must arrive], write your “Application for the Faret Tachikawa Art School” name and phone number, fax, e-mail, and postcard to the Faret Tachikawa Art Management Committee.


■Workshop “Let’s Make Art That Makes Sound”

It is a workshop to make art with sound by artist Nakazato Eroju who lives in the city.

Date:Friday,March 20 (1) 11 AM~ (2) 4 PM~
Place:women’s general center Aime Health salon on the first floor
For:Elementary school age or younger
Capacity:5 persons each time (first-come-first-served basis)
participation fee:Free


■A play that jumps out into the city ‘Alice in Faret’

Set in the entire Tachikawa district of Faret, an exploratory play is performed. One of the performers is you, and the co-stars are the fairies in the works of art that have started moving. I’m going to fly to Faret’s country to help Alice! Stormy weather stopped.

  • Script and Directed by Yasushi Kurasako
  • Cast: Tetsuya Murakami, Sakiko Taira, Chie Takehara, Maaya Iwakura (Theatre Or), Shuichi Hayashi (Huen Dance)
  • Costume: Nozomi INOUE

Date:Friday,March 20 (1) 1 PM~ (2) 3 PM~ *Time required: About 45 minutes
Place of assembly and dissolution:Tachikawa-Takashimaya S.C. North red flower pot area
participation fee:Free ※At 11: 00 on the day, in Tachikawa-Takashimaya S.C. North red flower pot area, numbered tickets for 2 times will be distributed (Distribution ends as soon as the quota is reached)


■Art tour

Art guided tour by “Faret Club”, a citizens’ group that is familiar with Faret Tachikawa.
You can hear stories about various works and authors. It will be held even if it rains. Go directly to the meeting place.
Date:Friday,March 20 (1) 1:50 PM~2:30 PM (2) 3:50 PM~4:30 PM
 *Time required: About 40 minutes
Place:Tachikawa-Takashimaya S.C. North red flower pot area
participation fee:Free


■Art market

Centered around Sun Sun Road, a market for craft art and goods has opened. You can also enjoy the special food menu by a catering car. Cancelled if it rains.
Date:Friday,March 20  11 AM~4 PM
Place:Sun Sun Road,Tachikawa-Takashimaya S.C. North red flower pot area


■Collaboration Sweets

For a limited time, Fare Tachikawa neighborhood hotels and cafes will sell collaboration menus inspired by Faret Tachikawa art.

○museum art
Palace Hotel Tachikawa (Akebono-cho 2 -40 -15)
Cake with Jean-Pierre Raynaud’s red flowerpot motif.
We sell “Palace Bakery” on the 1st floor of the hotel.
selling price:Palace Bakery ¥518(tax included)
sales period:March 1~ April 30

○Faret Coffee Set
Sumibi Baisen Coffee Sakurano Tachikawa (Akebono-cho 2 -42 -23 Urban Life Tachikawa 1st Floor)
sprinkled with powdered sugar in the style of Hirotoshi SAKAGUCHI “bar code bridge”
Baked sweets and drink set.
selling price:¥1,060(tax included)
sales period:March 11~22

○Faret Chocolate Pie
Adam’s Sam Pie (Midori-cho 4 -5 Kotobukiya Building 2nd Floor)
The number written on the chocolate pie with powdered sugar is Jonathan.
It is named after Borovsky’s “The man with the briefcase”.
selling price:¥580(tax included)
sales period:March 1~31


■We are looking for a donation to support Faret Tachikawa Art.

In order to preserve and utilize Faret Tachikawa Art in the future, we are collecting contributions. We would like to ask for your cooperation in setting up a donation box at the Faret Tachikawa Art Museum Day headquarters booth. Original goods will be given to those who cooperate with the sponsorship money and those who download and present the application “Faret Tachikawa Art Navi” to their smartphone or tablet.


■6th Faret Tachikawa Art Photo Contest

We are looking for photos based on Faret Tachikawa art. The grand prize winner will receive a certificate and a prize of 50,000 yen. Please refer to the application guidelines (It can be downloaded from the city website.) and apply on Friday, June 19 [must arrive] .



It is directly connected to the pedestrian deck from the north exit of JR Tachikawa Station and Tachikawa-kita Station of the Tama Monorail. 3 minutes’ walk from Tachikawa Station North Exit, 2 minutes’ walk from Tachikawa Kita Station



Faret Tachikawa Art Management Committee
Secretariat: Tachikawa City, Department of Industry, Culture and Sports, Regional Culture Division
2nd Floor, Tamashin RISURU Hall, 3-3-20 Nishiki-cho, Tachikawa City, 190 – 0022 (Tachikawa City Hall)
TEL:042-523-2111 Ext.4502

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