FARET Tachikawa Art 2021 calendar is on sale!

TOPICS 2020.11.30

​The original calendar for 2021 with the winning work of “6th Fare Tachikawa Art Photo Contest” has been completed!

​It’s an A5-sized table type, and each month’s calendar is designed to be used as a postcard.

​”Fare Tachikawa Art”‘s “depth” and “fun” which are unconsciously overlooked in daily life, are beautifully expressed from a viewpoint full of originality.

​The calendars are currently being sold at the following 2 locations for 500 yen (excluding tax).
​All profits will be used for “Fare Tachikawa Art” conservation and utilization projects.

​●Orion Shobo Norte (2 -42 -1 Park Avenue, Akebono-cho, Tachikawa-shi, 3F)
​●Cafe is delicious ♪ (Tachikawa City Izumi-cho 1156 -9 Tachikawa City Hall 1F)

​*It has been 26 years since the completion of “Fare Tachikawa Art” and there are many cases of deterioration and breakage that cannot be avoided by outdoor public art. ​We look forward to the understanding and support of the many people who visit us for our ongoing conservation activities so that they can enjoy them for many years to come.
​We look forward to your continued support of the “Fare Tachikawa Art”.

​Contact Us
​Fare Tachikawa Art Management Committee Secretariat (Regional Culture Section, Industrial Culture and Sports Division, Tachikawa City)
​TEL: 042-523-2111 (Extension 4501) Email: