Photo Exhibition of 13 selected works will be held simultaneously in 2 locations! A popular vote with a present is also underway.※Ended

TOPICS 2015.06.04

※Faret Tachikawa Art Photo Contest winners and awards ceremony articles Here
Faret Tachikawa Art is a group of 109 art works that are installed in the streets around Tama Monorail Tachikawakita Station.
A photo contest was held to appeal to everyone the charm of Faret Tachikawa Art.The contest received 120 works from both inside and outside the city. In this exhibition, 13 works selected in the primary screening are on display.

It is only a piece of work that reminds us that a nice scene is hidden in a place where we pass by.I hope that all visitors will become more fond of Faret Tachikawa Art in this opportunity.

Please participate in the vote

In this exhibition, you will see the winning works and a popularity vote by visitors.At the voting space in the venue, please put a voting sticker on your favorite cell (one per person). Based on the voting results, the grand prize and other prizes will be decided.

After voting, fill in the application form with your name and other necessary information and send it to the secretariat by mail or fax, and you will receive a stuffed toy of Tachikawa City character “Kururin” by lottery.
The final screening will be held after the exhibition for the photo contest winners, and the winners will be selected in early July.The results will be announced on the website.


Tachikawa Takashimaya 1st floor special venue (Left after entering the south entrance)
From June 3 (Wednesday) to June 16 (Tuesday) from 10:00 to 19:00


Tachikawa City Hall 1st floor multi-purpose plaza (next to “Cafė Harmony ♪”)
June 2 (Tuesday) to June 16 (Tuesday) From 8:30 to 17:00

List of selected works


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