“Faret Tachikawa Art 2017 Calendar” is presented

TOPICS 2016.12.19

Faret Tachikawa Art is a group of 109 works of art set in the city area around Tama Monorail Tachikawa Kita Station, and is a public art that Tachikawa boasts of the world.We made an original calendar for 2017 by making use of 14 winning works of the photo contest recruited from May to August 2016 on the subject of Faret Tachikawa Art.It is a limited product that is not marketed.


We present this calendar to 100 people (first-come-first-served basis, one book per person) who have downloaded “Faret Tachikawa Art Navi”.From 11:00 to 17:00 on December 24 (Sat) and 25 (Sun), at the Tachikawa City Tourist Information Corner (Tachikawa Tacross 1st Floor Window Service Center 2-2-27, Tachikawa City) Please show the top of the app on the screen.
Download the free app here