Special collaboration sweets are on sale for a limited time only.

EVENT 2021.10.04

■Collaboration Sweets

As a special collaboration of “Museum Day 2021 Autumn”, Faret Tachikawa neighborhood hotels and cafes are selling sweets inspired by Faret Tachikawa Art for a limited time only.
This collaborative sweet is very popular every year. Please take this opportunity to try it!

○Museum Art

Palace Hotel Tachikawa (Akebono-cho 2 -40 -15)
“Museum Art” is a cake with a motif of Tachikawa Faré art.
It will be sold at the Lounge Salondu Cafe on the first floor of the Palace Hotel Tachikawa.
Price:¥520 each (tax included)
Sales period:10/4 (Monday) ~ 17 (Sunday)

○faret chocolate pie

Adamsuo Sam Pie (Midori-cho 4 -5 Kotobukiya Building 2nd Floor)
The number on the chocolate pie in pie crust comes from Jonathan Borovsky’s “The Man With a Briefcase.”
Price:¥580 (tax included)
Sales period:10/4 (Monday) ~ 17 (Sunday)